Player Websites

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Some players have made their own websites to share advice, logs, resources such as guides or maps, or just a bit about themselves. (We tend to recommend using Neocities for setting up a website as it's cost-free, ad-free, and simple HTML, but players are welcome to use whatever they are comfortable with). Here are the links of websites made by some of the players:

  • Candelori's Website
  • Dango's Letter Formatter - Just copy you text with linebreaks and paste it on the left, click "convert", and it spits out the COGG-formatted version on the right.
  • Floatingbucket, website of Guillaumo. Includes some stylized (non-ASCII) visual maps of the wilderness.
  • Son of the Sea, website of Ocayucos AKA Orris. Includes a map of Shadgard and various combat zones, tips for diving/fishing, and other stuff.
  • The Monsters Beyond the Diagrams, website of Nobody. Includes probability reports and other number-y stuff.
  • Thresher Ale, website of Thresherale AKA Bryce. Includes advice on locksmithing and exploration.