War Riding

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War Riding is an ability that can be learned by characters.

  • IC description: Certain mounts are trained or otherwise naturally capable of performing exceptionally in combat. This training involves teaching the rider to control and utilize such mounts on the battlefield for a number of solid advantages.
  • OOC description: (+1 to melee attack rerolls when riding a warmount, with a chance for an additional +1 based on Riding skill, and the ability to make charge attacks. Wielded weapon must have a reach of 2 or greater to be used while mounted. Some mounts may provide their own combat maneuvers to be used on command.)
  • Usage: Attack reroll bonuses are passive while mounted. Use the charge command to perform a mounted charge. Use the mount command while mounted to see a mount's combat maneuvers, if any.
  • Bonus Effects
    • "Primal Bond"
      • Class: berserker, ranger, and primalist
      • Skill required: Druidry: 1
      • Description: Warmount maneuvers have reduced cooldowns based on their rider's Druidry skill.
    • "Unstoppable Force"
      • Class: dreadnought
      • Tactics required: dreadnought
      • Skill required: Riding: 200
      • Description: Mounted charge endroll percents of 50% or higher cause knockdown.