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Trailblazing is an ability that can be learned by characters.

  • IC description: Areas consisting of dense woodland or foliage can be a significant hindrance to travel. With this training you'll be all set to grab a shovel and an axe, head out into the wilderness, and start blazing trails that all can benefit from. Of course, clearing growth isn't the same as paving a road - the blazed trails will need maintenance from time to time or they'll be overgrown and fade away.
  • OOC description: (The ability to establish temporary trails in wilderness areas consisting of forest, swamp, or jungle. These trails will decrease travel time, and will fade over time if not maintained by additional trailblazing once in a while. Requires a shovel and an axe. Only two directions in a room may have established trails at once. Establishing a trail in one direction also establishes the trail in the opposite direction of the destination room.)
  • Usage: trailblaze
  • Skills applied to offense:
  • Prerequisite Skills: