Tactics: Nightblade

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Tactics: Nightblade is an ability that can be learned by characters.

  • IC description: The Nightblade combat form employs stealth, guile, finesse, and exploiting the weaknesses in an opponent's armor, taking risks for the best rewards. Fortune favors a risk-taker, after all. Too much risk can be a bad thing, however: Practitioners are advised to eventually escape and set up a new opportunity to strike (preferably from the shadows) rather than stay engaged in prolonged open combat.
  • OOC description: (While using the Nightblade tactic and a light single-handed weapon, enjoy a base +2 rerolls to offense and defense for and against most attacks, as well as ambush skill checks and armor chink chances. Risk builds up with attacks and parries/dodges however, reducing rerolls by 1 for each 20 Risk to a minimum of -2. This means combat situations generally start out in a Nightblade's favor, but the longer an encounter goes and as a Nightblade builds up more risk, the reroll bonuses will reduce until they become penalties.)
  • Usage: tactics nightblade. Wielded weapon must not be hand-and-a-half or two-handed.
  • Encumbrance Level must be no higher than 2
  • Armor Level must be no higher than 1
  • Tactic armor encumbrance reductions:
    • light: 19%