Tactics: Berserker

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Tactics: Berserker is an ability that can be learned by characters.

  • IC description: The Berserker way of combat is to give in to the thrill and the fury of combat, harnessing emotions and adrenaline for increased strength and prowess. The intimidating presence alone can cause a berserker's enemies to hesitate and falter.
  • OOC description: (A medium- or light-armor combat form relying on the 'fury' resource to perform powerful moves. Both landing and receiving hits in combat generates fury. The higher the fury level, the more your offense and melee damage are increased, but defense is decreased.)
  • Usage: tactic berserker. Only one tactic can be used at a time.
  • Tactic armor encumbrance reductions:
    • medium: 19%
    • light: 19%