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Tackle is an ability that can be learned by characters.

  • IC description: Charge toward an opponent with a shoulder check in an attempt to throw them off-balance and knock them down.
  • OOC description: (A risky move that attempts to stagger and knock down the target.)
  • As a Charge ability, approaching distant targets with this maneuver will close the gap faster than regular attacks at no Balance cost and without starting a cooldown timer. If this ability has a Melee attack associated with it, the attack will execute immediately if the Charge approach successfully closes to Melee range.
  • Usage: tackle
  • Roundtime: 5
  • Energy usage: -20
  • Minimum Balance required: 5
  • Balance usage: -5
  • Target Balance loss: -50
  • Target Balance loss even on failure: -10
  • Cooldown timer: 15
  • Offense rerolls: 1
  • Skills applied to offense:
  • Skills applied to defense:
  • Attribute bonuses to offense:
  • Attribute bonuses to defense: