Sorcerous Channeling

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Sorcerous Channeling is an ability that can be learned by characters.

  • IC description: Sorcery is the ability to channel and manipulate nether, a dark and amorphous substance with a long list of extraordinary properties. It is exceptionally dark, and can even be made to draw in and consume light. It is also exceptionally cold, being able to consume heat. One of its more interesting properties is how destructive it can be to many forms of physical matter, corroding them like a powerful acid. Clearly a very dangerous substance in its natural form, all of these properties can be adjusted to varying degrees with proper training. Its lesser-understood properties include the influence it can have over thoughts and emotions and the ability for nether to "bond" with physical matter organic or otherwise, and purportedly souls as well.
  • OOC description: (Grants the ability to channel nether for use in other spells or for raw casting at foes as a damaging ranged attack.)
  • Usage: Use the sorcery command while holding or wearing a sorcerous focus to begin channeling sorcery, which drains energy while doing so. Use the release command to stop channeling. Use the cast command while channeling nether to cast damaging globs of nether at enemies.