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Mining is the process of acquiring stone and ore from mines. Miners have a vital role in providing metal for metalworkers and stone for masons.


What you'll need:

  • Access to a mine
  • Mining pick or mattock
  • Light source (most mines in the wilderness don't have maintained lighting)
  • Handcart (or alternatively, transport each chunk of stone by hand, but this is not recommended!)
  • (Optional) Head protection in case of cave-ins (not yet implemented)


  1. pull your handcart
  2. go to a mine
  3. stop pulling your handcart
  4. mine with your pickaxe. Chunks of stone should be placed automatically into your handcart. With any luck, some of them will contain ore or gems.


  • Those with skill in Mining, Metalworking, or Metallurgy can see traces of ore in chunks of stone that untrained eyes cannot see. What is obviously ore-containing sandstone to you may look like any other ordinary chunk of sandstone to a layman.
  • Greater skill in mining increases speed and efficiency.
  • Some rarer types of stone or gems may require higher Mining skill to identify, or to extract without damaging them beyond usefulness.
  • Consider crushing ore-containing stone into powder before handing it over to a smelter to be processed. Smelting is busy work, and they'll appreciate your saving them some time and effort.
  • Always clean up after yourself. If there's too much junk left on the ground, it can make it impossible for anyone to mine in that room.
  • Most stone can be sold to the town market, even if it doesn't contain any ores.