Lost Lands

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The Lost Lands is a large area in western Arad, previously known as Aetgard, that was once notable for being home to the highly prosperous Kingdom of Aetgard. Once a thriving land with a vast human population, the Aetgardian Plague nearly wiped out humanity, with the notable exception of the inhabitants of the Tatlhuecatn valley whom were seemingly untouched by the terrible illness. The Lost Lands region is now often divided into three areas known as the Northern, Central, and Southern Lost Lands. A strict Quarantine is enforced by other nations, refusing to allow anyone to leave the Lost Lands for fear of carrying plague or one of the many other maladies that now afflict the region.

It has been nearly 100 years since the Plague struck, and some pockets of humanity have gathered together to survive in what is now a very harsh land. The extremely xenophobic Kingdom of Lapis remains in the south, the last major surviving remnant of old Aetgard. Notable population centers in the Central Lost Lands include Porto D'esilio and the mining town of Shadgard. The Northern Lost Lands are largely under the influence of the Mistveil Dominion, whose seat of power lies in the reclusive lake town of Mistral Lake.

While the threat of the Plague seems to have passed, other dangers have taken root in its place: large populations of infested, nethrim, and canim now roam the forsaken lands, often taking up residence in the ruins left behind by the ravages of the Plague and ensuring that other nations continue to enforce the Quarantine.

Nearby Lands

  • The jungle valley of Tatlhuecatn, home of the Huecatn people, stretches along much of the border between the Northern and Central Lost Lands.
  • The frigid mountains of Sirak Drauth, home of the Giganti, border the northwest edge of the Northern Lost Lands.
  • The Fey Forest separates the Southern Lost Lands from the region of Karnath which is the home of the Hillfolk.
  • A mountain pass, now blocked by a massive glacier, once joined southern Aetgard to the nation of Khaldea.