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Leatherworking is the art of using animal pelts or scales to create useful items such as apparel, armor, containers, and so forth.


What you'll need:

  • Some tanned leather or fur
  • Something to trace patterns with, such as a stick of writing charcoal
  • Scissors
  • Additional tools depending on the project (awl, sewing needle, etc.)
  • Additional components depending on the project (thread, rivets, buckles, etc.)


  1. Hold the tanned leather in hand
  2. trace a pattern on leather. (A list of options will be displayed if you don't specify what you wish to trace.)
  3. cut the traced leather.
  4. leatherwork the cut leather. (If any tools or components are required, you will be told what you are missing.)


  • The tanned leather/fur must be large enough to draw the desired pattern on. A leather cloak would require a large pelt, but bracers or gloves could be traced on a smaller type of pelt.
  • See the guide on tanning leather. This can be a very time-consuming process, and you may wish to outsource it.
  • Consider befriending a hunter/skinner to provide pelts for you.
  • Consider befriending a metalworker to provide you with buckles, rivets, and so forth.
  • Consider befriending a weaver to provide you with thread.