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A Guild is a group run by NPCs that can provide facilities, services, goods, and training to its members. Guilds are fairly lax when it comes to recruiting and membership, and members tend to pay some form of recurring fees or dues to keep the Guilds running. They also tend to avoid getting involved in politics or teaching their members any particular creed or ethos - they exist simply to teach skills, not when or why to use said skills. One might view them as the Lost Lands version of colleges or vocational schools.

A character can only be a member of one Guild, but may still potentially be recruited into a Society as well.

The following Guilds currently exist:

  • The Adventurer Guild - Teaching a wide variety of utility skills useful in adventuring out in the world.
  • The Scholar Guild - Teaching scholarly skills both occult and mundane.
  • The Warrior Guild - Teaching various schools of combat, from light-footed agile duelists to heavily-armored dreadnoughts.


Note: Characters cannot change their guild affiliation once they've joined one!