Glyph: `shaol` (levitate object)

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Glyph: `shaol` (levitate object) is an ability that can be learned by characters.

  • IC description: One of the most iconic glyphs of the Arcanists, the power of the `shaol` glyph will cause a held item to begin levitating of its own accord and follow its owner. While it will avoid collisions and interference from others, it can in no way be specifically directed or guided - it simply follows the owner, and that is all. Its weight limit is around 50 pounds, and it seems to avoid carrying living creatures even if they weigh or are applying pressure under the weight limit, so it unfortunately cannot be used as transport for living beings or as, say, a stepstool or similar. The levitation effect draws some energy from the owner, and the owner may experience lowered overall energy levels with heavier items even up to a minute or so after the levitation effect has ended.
  • OOC description: (Cause an item to float and follow you. Maximum energy is lowered based on the weight of the object while levitation is in effect.)
  • Usage: draw the glyph as part of an occult diagram, and be holding an item in your right hand when activating the diagram. dismiss <item> to dismiss the levitation effect from it.
  • Energy usage: -15
  • Prerequisite Abilities: