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Flip is an ability that can be learned by characters.

  • IC description: By further honing your reflexes and balance, you can achieve a graceful jump-flip. Not only for pleasing onlookers, this ability can be useful for leaping away from danger and away to a safe distance, avoiding further attacks.
  • OOC description: (A passive enhancement to tumble, granting a chance to flip instead of tumble, moving into Ranged position and breaking combat engagement.)
  • Usage: Reactive effect is passive. flip to do a performance flip.
  • Prerequisite Abilities:
  • Bonus Effects
    • "Flip Flank"
      • Class: duelist, bard
      • Tactics required: duelist, bard
      • Description: Flip behind a target in order to surprise and flank them. Targets of the same size category or above require a means of boosting the flipper high enough, such as a nearby crate, barrel, chair, boulder, tree stump, etc. Additionally, the back of a nearby mount, a group member's shield, or a particularly strong group member's vambraces can also serve as potential boosts.
      • Usage: flip <target>
      • Cooldown timer: 15