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Farming is a skill involving the cultivating of land and growing of crops, and is arguably one of the most important professions as everyone does need to eat, after all.

Readying the Land

What you'll need:

  • Some farmland (one's own, or land one has been granted access to).
  • Something to till land with, such as a hoe
  • Seeds (make sure they're for crops that will grow well in the local climate and current conditions!)


  1. go to the farmland
  2. till field to start work on creating some farmable soil
  3. till plots to till the farmable soil into plots suitable for planting
  4. plant the seeds. You can specify the seed type, i.e. plant corn or plant long pale seed.


These steps should be performed once a day to ensure a good harvest. Missing a day won't cause a total loss, but there will be some damage. Crops that go without water or are choked by weeds for too long will wither, and too many weeds in a plot will convert it back into wild land, requiring you to till field again in order to reclaim.

What you'll need:

  • Watering bucket
  • Water source
  • A weeding tool such as a hoe or trowel


  1. look soil to see the state of your farmland.
  2. water your crops as necessary
  3. weed your plots as necessary

Processing Grain

Grains require additional processing after being harvested.

What you'll need:

  • Grain crops, such as wheat
  • A threshing flail
  • A winnowing basket
  • Access to a millstone (usually found in a windmill or watermill)


  1. drop the grain on the ground
  2. thresh the grain
  3. winnow the grain
  4. get or transfer the winnowed grains into your inventory
  5. go to a facility with a millstone
  6. put the winnowed grains into the grain hopper
  7. Wait for the grains to be ground by the millstones.
  8. get or transfer the ground grains/flour from the basin to your inventory.


  • Not to be confused with Animal Husbandry, which is caring for animals of varying types - cows, sheep, goats, bees, etc.
  • You can till <plotnumber> in order to till a specific plot and remove any crop that might be planted there, freeing it up for planting something new. Example: till 5 to till plot number 5.
  • Hopefully there's a water source on your farmland such as a creek or well, but if not, find a friend to help you fill a water barrel and heave it into a handcart or wagon, transport it to your farm, and heave it back out.
  • While laymen will need to memorize what different seeds look like, those Competent or better at the Farming skill can identify seeds at a glance, and can examine them to see what conditions they grow well in.
  • Some crops will re-grow multiple times after harvest before needing to be re-planted.
  • Consider hiring someone to build some fencing around your farmland to help prevent wild animals and brigands from stealing or ruining your crops.
  • Some produce may need to be sliced with a knife before they can be eaten, such as watermelon. Other produce, such as tomatoes, can optionally be sliced (good for sharing!) but can also simply be eaten whole.