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It seems like mechanics and systems keep changing! Why can't you make up your mind?

The more people play, the more testing is done and the more things are tweaked. Sometimes a system that initially sounded great ends up being terrible. I reserve the right to adjust mechanics as deemed necessary.

Is this an RPE (Roleplay-Enforced) environment?

Yes. OOC (out-of-character) talk and behavior is not permitted, and characters should strive to act appropriate to the environment and fit within the world. There are some exceptions, such as the #OOC channel, used for game-related out-of-character conversation (usually used for asking game-related questions and seeking advice for playing). There is also the Mentor Lounge where more experienced players can give advice and pass down wisdom to others in an OOC environment, without having to worry about trying to stay in-character while explaining things like mechanics details and whatnot. And there are even occasional events where GMs and players will all get together in an OOC area just to socialize and have fun as themselves instead of their characters, or to experiment and play around with the combat system with no reservations or consequences.

Is this an RPI (Roleplay-Intensive) environment?

No. Roleplayers of all kinds are welcome here, from the power-emoter to the RP minimalist, and even the folks who are making their very first foray into an RP environment. That said, I strive to make this world feel like a real and living one. NPCs should be treated like people instead of like lesser artificial life forms. A character's actions should be expected to have consequences.

Why do people keep asking what my character's name is?

The game uses an introduction system (sort of), so people will only see a brief description of other characters' appearances rather than a name until they use the name command to assign a name to that character. This means one could technically introduce oneself to one person as Fred and another person as George, if they wanted.

Will GM-driven events and RP take place in the game?

Absolutely. I love interacting with players in an in-character medium via various NPCs and would love to reward those whom are interested in learning more about the lore and world they inhabit, and getting more involved in goings-on. That said, players should also be content to enjoy player-run RP and events. There's no way GMs can be expected to be around all the time to run events.

Is death permanent?

Not in common or mundane situations, no. Certain situations, areas, and NPCs or entities may be exceptionally dangerous, however, with no chance of escape upon death - so maybe don't taunt that massive soul-eating demon, and think twice before storming a villain's fortress.

What do I do if I've ruined my reputation in town and get banned?

Live off the land! It's very possible (and even fun!) to survive outside town, though of course it will be more difficult. If a player isn't happy with the idea of their character continuing without access to town, it might be better to start a new character instead.

Are alt characters allowed?

Players are allowed 2 active characters at any one time. The shelve command can be used to "shelve" a character without permanently losing them - the minimum time is 30 days, after which the unshelve command can be used to make the character active again (provided there's an empty alt slot for them). The retire command can be used to retire a character permanently.

Why a level system?

I know a lot of people feel level systems are detrimental to the RP experience, but I urge skeptics to give it a try. Level does not equate directly to power here, but rather to overall potential. Levels mean skill and ability points, but characters still put those points into whatever they choose. A level 5 combat-focused character could well defeat a level 90 crafting-focused character in combat, for instance.

Someone has been harassing me! Will you please help?

Players are expected to handle their own personal problems. If someone is using game mechanics to harass another player and make the game unplayable for them, that may be looked into. If a player is being made fun of, teased, or other such things, players are expected to be mature enough to handle that on their own. Remember that everything that goes on in game should be considered IC, save for private OOC communications - in the latter case, a player may simply squelch or ignore another harassing player's OOC communications.

On the other hand: I ask that players be respectful to one another. The above does not excuse disrespectful or mean-spirited OOC behavior, and cases of such will be handled as deemed necessary.

Do you need any additional developers, coders, GMs, or builders?

I don't plan to ever take on any additional coders. I'd love some builders though, so if anyone is interested, feel free to send an email expressing interest and provide some examples of building work. Warning: I'm picky. Spelling and grammar are important.

I can't afford to buy food, and I'm about to starve to death! Where can I get food?

Characters can try foraging (use the forage command) in various places for basic ingredients and food, or butchering (use the butcher command) animal corpses for meat. If a water source like a lake or river is available, fishing and spearfishing are additional options to those with the appropriate skillset.

Could I write up a new system concept or lore/event idea and email it to you?

I'm happy to see new systems ideas, lore ideas, and other suggestions posted on the BBS. When they're put up there, the community at large can discuss them, and I like that rather than just being emailed where only I will see it.

Why can't I turn off the language filter?

In every fantasy RP game I've played, real-world modern profanity has always struck me as jarring and immersion-breaking. Since this is a game and world of my own invention, I've established that some of these "swear words" are out-of-genre for the setting.

The primary reason these are filtered while other out-of-genre terms and phrases are not ("oh snap", "woot", "dude") is because "swear words" tend to be used frequently by players regardless of setting, while it's generally known and accepted that other out-of-genre terms should be avoided in RP-enforced settings.

The filter handily substitutes in genre-appropriate words that can be considered equivalents in the game world.

Can I make a donation?

I don't like accepting money for this hobby at this time, so spend those few bucks on someone who might be in need instead. Alternatively, players could make a donation to one of the following charities that I support (and are encouraged to let me know they've done so):

Companies, Guilds, and Societies

What are Companies, Guilds, and Societies?

  • A Company is a group formed, managed, and run by player characters, using game mechanics to assist with things like tracking membership and assigning officers and such. Any character can register a Company and invite others to join. Companies generally operate without an official exclusive headquarters, but a Company that gets large and influential enough may be able to secure some modest facilities in town. There is no limit on the number of Companies a character can be a member of. Players can use the company command to manage company matters or check which companies they are a part of and their associated ranks.
  • A Guild is a group run by NPCs that can provide facilities, services, goods, and training to its members. Guilds are fairly lax when it comes to recruiting and membership (though may still have entry requirements), and members tend to pay some form of recurring fees or dues to keep the Guilds running. A character can only be a member of one Guild, but may still potentially be recruited into a Society as well.
  • A Society is a group run by NPCs that requires dedication to a specific cause, and often has rules, philosophies, or disciplines that must be abided by. Like guilds, Societies can also provide facilities, services, goods, and training, but are far more selective about who they recruit. Members proving worthy of joining a Society may also enjoy access to exclusive abilities and/or occult powers. A character can only be a member of one Society. Players that frequently make new alts are significantly less likely to be considered for Society recruitment, as an OOC "collect them all" mentality is discouraged.

Can I change my character's Guild or Society?

Characters are not allowed to change their Guild or Society, with two possible exceptions: First, some groups may offer a short trial/investigation period during which a character can decide the group is not for them and drop out - this will be made clear when given a recruitment offer. Second, some Societies may be able to recruit or transfer members from other Societies, though this is not common, and is done on the Society's initiative, not the player/character's. These restrictions are in place to prevent characters from jumping group to group and amassing items, knowledge, secrets, abilities, powers, and so on that are meant to be exclusive.


This seems a lot like the game CLOK. What's the deal?

CLOK was a game I made that eventually grew into something I was ready to let go of for a variety of reasons. This game takes place in a sort of alternate reality version of the world CLOK took place in, runs on an almost completely rewritten engine, and features a number of different mechanics, systems, and design intents. This game could be considered a CLOK reboot of sorts.

I play CLOK! Can I play this game too?

CLOK players are welcome to play here as well! Just take care not to get things mixed up, as the games are alternate versions of the same world.

Can I play the same character I played in CLOK?

Players are free to make characters based on their CLOK characters, but it should be considered "resetting" that character and starting anew at best. Anything a player character experienced or items they received in CLOK will not apply in this game. It should also go without saying that using the same name and persona as one used in CLOK means other CLOK veterans are likely to bring some baggage with them regarding their opinion and feelings on that character in general - there's nothing I can do about that.

P.S. Do not make a character based on someone else's from CLOK. This will be considered a bannable offense.

I am/have been a GM for CLOK. Is all my secret deep lore knowledge still relevant?

Nope! Pieces of it may be, but a lot of the "deep lore" has been updated, and a lot has been added. It's best to come into things assuming all the secret knowledge you have from being a GM in CLOK is inaccurate, and give yourself a clean slate instead. This also means: please do not spread or act on any CLOK "secret lore" knowledge. Sharing it either IC or OOC with other players will be considered a bannable offense.

What happened to Grum and the Grummers? I don't see them listed as a homeland or race.

"Grum" and "Grummers" were always meant as a placeholder names, but they stuck in CLOK after a while. The official name for that land in this game is Khaldea, and its people the Khaldeans. Lorewise the term "Grum" still has a place, though - there was a point in that land's relatively recent history where an eccentric (many go so far as to say mad) leader with the surname of Grum tried to rename the place after himself, but his rule didn't last long, ending in a minor civil war. Those who remain loyal to Grum or his ideals can still refer to themselves as "Grummers", but may of course have to deal with any political ramifications that might come up as a result.

What happened to the Parren race?

Parr's population is racially diverse even if having a unique dominant cultural identity, so any character that has chosen Parr as their homeland can safely refer to themselves as Parrens.

Is Tse Gaiyan still a thing?

No. It never existed in this world. There's still an anti-resen Society, though there may not be many more similarities beyond that one overarching goal of eliminating the resen.

Why doesn't the geography line up perfectly with that of CLOK if this is the same world?

Alternate reality version of the CLOK world, mind. Geography changes have been made that will make the landscape different from CLOK in some ways. Mountains, lakes, roads, and such have been added in some places to give the land a little more variety, and some areas have been condensed, shifted around, or outright removed. Some of the coastline has been brought in closer, too. Best not to make any assumptions based on experiences in CLOK - treat this like a new world to explore.

Is the town of Shadgard still a thing?

Shadgard is still around as an outpost that players can visit. It will be different in some ways than it was in CLOK.

Is the town of Mistral Lake still a thing?

Mistral Lake remains as a closed NPC town and faction, being the seat of the Mistveil Dominion. They're a bit hoity-toity, and very stingy about granting access to their capital town, though they maintain a more accessible trade depot accessible to PCs. PCs may potentially get temporary access to Mistral Lake itself for certain events.

Is the town of Haiban still a thing?

No. It never existed in this world.

Is the Western Coalition still a thing?

No. It never existed in this world.

Is the town of Corvus Outpost still a thing?

No. It never existed in this world.

Where are all the hamlets from CLOK?

They never existed in this world.

How come some things seem like they still exist from CLOK, but with changed names and some other detail changes?

I'm largely avoiding using content that is not my own original intellectual property. I have received permission from some GMs to re-use some areas and a few other things, but other than that, I'm keeping largely to my own original content. If some content seems familiar but is referred to by different names/terms, chances are that it's due to intellectual property reasons - most likely shared creations worked on by both myself and another GM.

Of course, it could also be that I just wasn't quite happy with how something was in CLOK, so I took this opportunity of a reboot to change some things and be happier with them.