Silent Walking effect property

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Silent Walking effect property

Post by Rias » Mon Jan 28, 2019 10:56 pm

A new effect property called "silent walking" has been added. This gives a chance for a character to arrive in or leave a room unnoticed by others, even when not hidden/sneaking. It does NOT cause the target to be treated as mechanically hidden, so they can still be seen if another character LOOKs, and can be targeted as normal. All it does is have a chance to squelch the leave/arrive messages.

Some effects that have the Silent Walking property are a new activatable buff ability called Footpad, as well as the in-the-works Sonomancy ability that muffles sounds around the target.

The Silent Walking property stacks from multiple effects that have it, for increasing chances to not be noticed arriving in or leaving a room. So sneaky.
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