Ability duration info

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Ability duration info

Post by Rias » Mon Jan 28, 2019 8:25 pm

A lot of back-end work has gone into standardizing how different things affect abilities lately. While a lot of it has been for future ease of adding and implementing new abilities (I can't adequately express how excited I am over how easy it is now), a more player-facing benefit is that I've updated ability descriptions to show just how the duration of an ability is calculated. Example:
abil desc strength
Information on Inner Strength:

Draw upon your inner strength.
OOC Info: (Increase your strength. Stacks with other strength modifiers. Type help strength for more info on strength.)
Usage: channel strength
Energy usage: -20
Cooldown timer: 75
Prerequisite Abilities:
Tactics: Dreadnought -OR- Tactics: Berserker
Duration Factors:
Base: 25
Max: 60 seconds
== Skills ==
Melee Combat: 0.025/rank
Meditation: 0.5/rank
== Attributes ==
Strength: +15%
Willpower: +5%
== Affinities ==
Discipline: 0.5/rank
Rage: 0.5/rank
Your Duration: 37 seconds
Note the "Duration Factors" section. It shows the base duration, the maximum attainable, and how skills, attributes, and affinities affect the duration. And rather handily (if I do say so myself), at the bottom it tells you what duration your character would be able to achieve based on your current stats.

Affinities, yeah. A thing I'm working on. More on that later/elsewhere.
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