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OUTFIT command

Post by Rias » Wed Jan 23, 2019 10:58 pm

The OUTFIT command is now implemented. It can be used to save outfits (based on what you're currently wearing) and change into different outfits as desired. The items you change into have to be in your inventory, in the room, or in a container in the room. Items that are removed when changing into a different outfit will be placed into containers within the room when possible, prioritizing furniture-like containers first, then moving on to more generic storage items like trunks, footlockers, etc. If a container cannot be found, the item will be placed on the floor (and bright red text will indicate as much) - remember to find a place to put those items left on the floor, or the janitor may sweep them up!

If you attempt to change into an outfit and not all the outfit items are present, it will still put on any items from that outfit that can be found (and remove items that are not part of it). So you don't have to worry about an outfit being unusable just because you misplaced a piece or two.
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