Arrow slits

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Arrow slits

Post by Rias » Mon May 11, 2020 12:28 pm

The Arrow Slit mechanic is now implemented! This allows most basic ranged attacks to target an arrow slit item in order to hit hostiles on the other side. This is mainly meant for the defense of outposts and the like during events, and not meant to be some kind of mainstay to everyday ranged combat. So be wary approaching those forts or outposts you suspect are filled with baddies, because there's a decent chance they'll have some defenses like these set up and will barrage you with arrows and the like if you get too close!

These arrow slit items won't always be described as "an arrow slit". There might be the top of a tower with one in it described as "the tower edge", that you can FIRE or CAST at in order to hit baddies that are outside the tower, for instance.

Some types of arrow slit items may prevent certain types of ranged attacks. It would be impractical to sling stones through a literal arrow slit, for example.

>look arrow slit
You take a closer look at an arrow slit in the area ...
You see nothing particularly unusual about the arrow slit.

Looking through the arrow slit you see ...

[Fortress Approach] (OutMt) Noon, Mild, Clear, Calm
Small bushes and ferns interspersed with the occasional cedar tree line the mountain path leading toward a tall stone fortress.
The area is mostly quiet.
Also here: an infested shock-trooper (x35).
Obvious paths: none.

fire slit
You loose an arrow through an arrow slit at an infested shock-trooper with your longbow! Ranged(d100):37 vs Dodge(d103(2x)):20 = 17 (17%)
A hit to the neck!
(energy -10)
[RT was: 7]

Inky black tendrils snake and writhe around your hands as you summon nether to your command.
(Type release to stop channeling.)
[RT was: 3]

cast slit
You hurl a small inky-black glob through an arrow slit at an infested shock-trooper.
A small inky-black glob surges toward an infested shock-trooper. Ranged(d400):225 vs Dodge(d103(2x)):77 = 148 (37%)
A hit to the chest!
[RT was: 6]
As can be seen in the example, you don't see the exact amount of damage or any additional effects, just that the target was hit. This is partly because it'd be finicky code-wise to make all of that viewable with this mechanic, but also, I think it kind of makes sense when you're firing at distant targets through an arrow slit that you don't see all the exact details of the results.

Now to prepare some invasions in order to test this out.
An assistant introduces a lanky brooding-eyed woman with tan skin to you as Karen and assigns you to treat her wounds.
>tend karen
You try to tend to Karen, but she is too hysterical to accept treatment!

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