Long-Distance Delivery tasks

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Long-Distance Delivery tasks

Post by Rias » Sat Mar 28, 2020 11:56 pm

Some may have noticed some new tasks available: Long Distance Deliveries. These are just what they say on the tin: deliver an item to a distant outpost, requiring some travel across the wilderness. Destinations include New Emberlight, Blackwater Logging Camp, and the Library of Qamar. These tasks give a pretty decent chunk of money and experience as a reward, but you have to wait a while before you can take another one, so no rapidfiring long distance deliveries all day.

This is the start of adding tasks that will encourage people to get out there and travel around the Lost Lands a bit more. Don't forget to pack lots of extra food for the trip!
An assistant introduces a lanky brooding-eyed woman with tan skin to you as Karen and assigns you to treat her wounds.
>tend karen
You try to tend to Karen, but she is too hysterical to accept treatment!

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