Playing cards (functional, not just props)

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Playing cards (functional, not just props)

Post by Rias » Fri Dec 20, 2019 9:48 am

Decks of playing cards are now available for purchase at a general store near you. These playing cards are functional, too:
You are holding a deck of playing cards in your right hand.

look my cards
You take a closer look at a deck of Moonlighter playing cards ...
The image on the set of cards identifies it as a fairly standard Moonlighter deck of playing cards: Below a large crescent moon is a cloaked figure clutching a bulging pouch of riln, a single stylized eye gleaming out from the shadows of the figure's hood as it glances over its shoulder toward the viewer. Arguably the most widespread and popular deck of playing cards in the known world, the Moonlighter deck consists of four suits: Moons, Cloaks, Eyes, and Coins. Each suit contains 13 cards, for a total of 52 cards altogether.

You have the following 5 cards in your hand:
4 of moons
7 of moons
fool of cloaks
master of cloaks
fool of eyes

The following 2 cards are in play:
7 of coins
7 of eyes

There are 43 cards in the draw pile.
There are 2 cards in the discard pile, the top being a 4 of cloaks.

The following commands can be used to interact with your deck of Moonlighter playing cards:
I'm actually not much of a cards guy myself, so if any functionality is lacking, let me know. There is currently no way to have a pooled draw or discard pile - you only interact with the single deck you're holding. You can however drop or give the deck to someone else, and someone else can pick up wherever you left off. That is to say: it's just one item, and all the cards data is contained within that single item, rather than each card being its own item.

I plan to add additional types of decks for various merchant events, festivals, etc. with varying suits and numbers of cards and all that, so people can come up with their own games and whatnot.

This started out as a simple desire to add a prop item, but then I ended up wanting to make them functional, and was a ton of fun to work on.
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