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Medical work

Post by Rias » Sat Nov 10, 2018 9:19 pm

It still has a few rough edges, but the MEDICAL command has been added. This is so those with the Medical skill can practice in an infirmary. When in an infirmary, you can type MEDICAL ONDUTY to show that you're willing to take patients. Occasionally a patient will spawn and be assigned to you specifically. This means the NPC healer and even other PCs cannot tend that patient. You will only ever have one patient at a time. While on-duty in an infirmary, you will use house supplies (bandages, unguents, needle & thread, etc.) so no need to worry about that.

Also, your patient is introduced to you by name, auto-naming them for you for easy syntax targeting. If a patient is introduced to you as Joe, you can then simply TEND JOE instead of the potential nightmare of trying to figure out which man/woman/citizen/child/other-generic-noun is your assigned patient.

Once you feel the patient is sufficiently treated, you can use MEDICAL REST (there's a confirmation step) to tell the patient they're fully-treated and will fully recover with a little rest, causing the patient to pay you for your service and despawn, and net you some experience. (Remember to SUTURE bleeding wounds - a simple bandaging to stop the bleeding is only a temporary measure and not considered full treatment.) If you tell a patient to rest before they're fully treated (all major wounds sutured and all other wounds either bandaged or treated with unguents), you'll not get any pay or experience, and the NPC healer will finish up that patient's treatment. It also may have reputation consequences in the future.

Type MEDICAL OFFDUTY to go off-duty and no more patients will be assigned to you. Doing this doesn't absolve you from your responsibility to a current patient, however! Finish treating the patient before leaving, or people will be unhappy.

Some patients may be rather hysterical at first and be too worked up to accept effective treatment. Put your bedside manner skills to use by using MEDICAL SOOTHE until they're calm enough to tend to.

This is all simple stuff at the moment - bandaging wounds, treating wounds with unguents, and the occasional suture for major/severe wounds.

More updates are on the docket but aren't currently top priority, many to do with further bedside manners stuff. Try to discern what kind of patient they are and use the appropriate bedside actions (chat, joke, explain, straighttalk, etc.) to make their experience more positive, netting you more pay and experience for more appreciative/satisfied patients.
An assistant introduces a lanky brooding-eyed woman with tan skin to you as Karen and assigns you to treat her wounds.
>tend karen
You try to tend to Karen, but she is too hysterical to accept treatment!

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