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LOOT those lockboxes

Post by Rias » Thu Oct 24, 2019 8:00 pm

It is now possible to use the LOOT command on lockboxes for quick and concise collection of treasure.

This single command will do the following automatically, with one relatively short output line:
- open the lockbox, if closed (and unlocked)
- stow any items from within that have a valid container available to be stowed in, and can be handled by the character (nether-tainted people would not stow iron items, for instance)
- If the lockbox has been emptied completely and there's a trash barrel or equivalent nearby, the empty lockbox will be tossed into it
- If any items were left in the box, the player will be informed what was left in the box

All in the name of convenient and less-spammy treasure collection after bringing a large haul in to be worked on by a locksmith. Everyone wins!
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