RECOVER gear from your corpse

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RECOVER gear from your corpse

Post by Rias » Wed Oct 23, 2019 9:15 pm

The previous method of getting your gear back from your corpse after dying was pretty terrible. I apologize. It was the worst.

The good news is that it's way better now. First of all, when you're in a room that your own corpse is in, you'll be prompted to RECOVER your gear from it. Using the RECOVER command while in the same room as your corpse automagically takes everything off the corpse and tries to wear worn items, and hold held items. Any items that didn't have a slot to go into will be left on the ground, and the player will be informed of what's left and warned not to leave them behind. The act of RECOVERing gear automatically disposes of the corpse as well, so we hopefully won't suffer from more corpse buildup. One easy command! Simple!

The previous method of simply GETting items from a corpse will no longer work. The exception is those corpses that have been lying around since before this change. To those of you with corpses still out there - go get your stuff before I get rid of those smelly things!
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