Market overhaul - SELL or CONSIGN

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Market overhaul - SELL or CONSIGN

Post by Rias » Tue Oct 23, 2018 12:31 am

The way town markets work has been overhauled. You have two options: SELL or CONSIGN

SELL works as you might imagine - simply SELL items to get immediate money. You get less than market price for what you sell this way (affected somewhat by the Trading skill), and the NPCs buying from you will often turn around and resell for full market price. Sneaky little guys. Additionally, this method is subject to NPC trends and market flooding - if there are already hundreds of emberberries at the market, you might not be able to convince any NPCs to buy yours. If wyrm scales have fallen out of fashion, you'll have trouble finding a buyer. Sometimes the sold goods may go to various town amenities. Food ingredients can end up as prepared meals at inns and taverns, for example. If someone sells a bunch of fish at the market, there may well be some seafood available at the inn for the next few days. Some items sold to the market can be processed into dyes and put up for resale by the industrious NPCs, too - so if you want some fancier colors than those commonly available, learn which ingredients can be processed into the dyes you want, and sell them at the market. Lastly - some items may be extremely valuable, but that doesn't necessarily mean any NPCs are willing or able to spend that much buying them from you: high-value items may be impossible to sell at the common market.

CONSIGN is similar to the "auction house" model found in many games these days, allowing players to set their own prices and put items up for sale to be purchased exclusively by other player characters (or the occasional GM-run NPC). You only get paid if the item sells, however. You'll be prompted to CHECK on your sales when you pass through the marketplace if any of your things have sold. The PRICE command can be used to adjust the price of your consignment wares currently at the market. The presumed marketplace NPCs doing the consignment selling for you will take a small cut for their service in manning the market stalls while you're out doing other things - characters with the Trading skill are better able to keep these cuts reasonable.

TL;DR: If you want instant money for something, SELL the item. If you want to set your own price and let other players buy the item, CONSIGN it.
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