Sorcerous Sorcery!

The harnessing and manipulation of nether.
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Sorcerous Sorcery!

Post by Xandrea » Thu Sep 12, 2019 3:48 pm

This will touch on a few things I've gotten to figure with Sorcery over time.

Firstly. Study is the ONLY method of raising sorcery. (Even the Arcanists have three to one on study locations over us!) Maybe more study locations exist but, trying not to die I haven't explored too much. Additionally if Arcanists get practice drawing up their fancy circles then maybe we can get practice using Sorcery offensively or whenever a spell is used that causes round-time.

Shadow Cloak- This is fun. Better sneak in darker spots + anonymity. I would like to suggest that based on lighting level this can increase dodge. The less light there is the harder you are to see! I know of three light levels so far and I think just 10% during the day, 15% in dim light, 20% in pitch black seems balanced. ((This is where I would suggest a method for us to see in pitch black but, I'm not sure how well that would go.)

Shadow Orb- Taking the prior suggestion into account it would give more reasons to make these. Additionally casting it multiple times to reduce the light level further would be cool! (Assuming it resets the duration time as well)

Leech Essence- This seems perfectly fine as-is. (I'll make a reply for Binding at another time as I haven't been able to touch on it yet)

Echoing Whisper- I haven't been able to play with this cause the store isn't fixed, though I do know from using it anyway that there's an effect timer. This would be cool if the duration was exactly as long as your sorcery skill is total. If the target is also a sorcerer, combine their skill totals for extra time! (Though at high totals we may need a method of CANCELING the whispers.)

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