Regarding playing COGG and CLOK at the same time

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Regarding playing COGG and CLOK at the same time

Post by Rias » Mon Sep 09, 2019 2:49 pm

Regarding playing COGG and CLOK at the same time

I thought it'd be good to make a clarifying post since a few concerns about COGG and CLOK came up recently. I don't have any policy against people playing both COGG and CLOK, even at the same time. I have my own opinions on the idea of multi-mudding in general, but that's a personal opinion and not something I feel the need to enforce on others. As the FAQ states:
Q: I play CLOK! Can I play this game too?
A: CLOK players are welcome to play here as well! Just take care not to get things mixed up, as the games are alternate versions of the same world.
When I originally made COGG, I did plan to discourage people from playing both. I didn't want to be taking people from CLOK, a project still dear to my heart, so I wanted to encourage people who played CLOK to stay there. I later felt that it should be enough to simply not actively poach players, as anyone should be able to enjoy either experience and it should be their decision as players.

Regarding the API Jirato and I (mostly I) worked on to detect players playing both games at the same time: It was never my intent to use it to restrict CLOK players from playing COGG. I was intrigued at the technical task of setting up an API between the two projects and whether I could figure out how to make one work. I realize now that my involvement was essentially condoning what Jirato did (discouraging CLOK players from playing at the same time as playing COGG). I'm writing this now to clarify that I don't share that sentiment, and for my part running the COGG project, I am okay with people playing CLOK - or any other game, for that matter - at the same time as they play COGG.

The API has been turned off. I do want to note that the data shared by the API was sent in a hashed (non-human-readable) format. I've since adopted this further in COGG and have updated the privacy policy accordingly.

Talking about CLOK in COGG channels (and vice-versa) also came up at one point. I'm fine with people talking about CLOK as it pertains to COGG - asking about differences and similarities between the two, referencing things from CLOK to make suggestions for COGG, and the like - even some fun references and jokes referencing player experiences in CLOK are fine from time to time. I do prefer to avoid using COGG channels for general CLOK discussion though, as that belongs on CLOK communication channels and is off-topic regarding COGG.

I have requested that people not discuss COGG in CLOK channels, as I think it's in general bad form to go to one project's space and essentially advertise for a competing project, even if there is no competition between the two project developers.

I made some mistakes, and I apologize for that and for the confusion and concerns they've caused. If anyone has any further questions, comments, or concerns on this subject, I encourage them to post here so we can discuss it further and get everything cleared up.
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