Stealing from lootable mobs

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Stealing from lootable mobs

Post by Rias » Thu Sep 05, 2019 3:15 pm

It's now possible to STEAL from mobs that are normally lootable for coins, even though they don't have any actual worn containers with coins in them. This can only be done once per mob per several minutes, so get a rotation going.

This should give people working on Artifice a way to practice up without getting into trouble with the law (go out and steal from infested, ghouls, Liberi, etc.). Additional non-stealing methods of practicing Artifice are in the works.

This also means the less violently-inclined thief types don't need to kill mobs in order for new ones to spawn in order to continue preying on coin purses. Just sneak through an area, pick all the mobs' pockets, come back later, repeat. We'll assume either the mobs picked up some more coin since last time, or they wandered off dejectedly after realizing they were robbed and other mobs with coins took their place.

Note that this does not affect the mob's loot potential when someone does manage to kill and loot it normally. No harm done to your fellow PCs.
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