Configurable AFK timer

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Configurable AFK timer

Post by Math321 » Thu Sep 05, 2019 12:12 pm

Suggestion: A command like "afktimer <TIME>", where TIME is how many seconds you want the game to wait before flagging you as AFK.

Sometimes the game pops up the [OOC-AFK: You are now AFK.] message when I am actually at my keyboard, and just in the middle of typing. This is slightly distracting - especially if I'm in the middle of an RP session. I don't want other players to think I'm not paying attention when I'm actually present, so whenever the AFK timer comes up, I feel obligated to correct it as soon as possible before anyone sees the AFK flag. That often means I'm having to interrupt myself mid-sentence just because I spent some time listening to group of people speak before saying anything myself, or because I wrote something longer during a 1-on-1 RP session.

That said, I don't want to disable my AFK timer completely, since it is indeed useful to have it around - perhaps I've fallen asleep while playing, or perhaps I need a little OOC nudge if I've forgotten to finish typing something, or whatever. I just don't want the timer to pop up when I AM really at the keyboard, since that seems to defeat the purpose of an "Away From Keyboard" timer.

While the AFK timer being 5 minutes is not a huge deal, and I can work around it if I must, I would definitely feel more comfortable if there wasn't something TO work around.

Some people want their AFK timers to be longer, some people don't. Nobody NEEDS it, but it's very nice for some people to have - and for those people, I think this command would fix a lot of niggling little issues in one go.

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