Ability Ideas

Rangers, bards, treasure hunters, rogues - anyone with a love for the adventurous lifestyle beyond the town walls.
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Ability Ideas

Post by Rias » Sat Aug 31, 2019 1:37 pm

Here's the thread to post your ability ideas for the Adventurer Guild and/or its class specializations. The Adventurer Guild is largely utility-based, members expected to be out doing things in the world but not necessarily fighting all the baddies to be found out there. As such, I'm not really looking for combat-based abilities, other than perhaps some defensive ones to help them survive out there. For the most part though, I want to give them handy adventuring utilities.

For reference, the current classes are:
- Bard: The ones interested in acquiring lore and knowledge, and the most occult-inclined. Not required in any way to be singers/musical, though have some inclinations toward performing abilities and some esoteric occult abilities related to such.
- Ranger: The rugged outdoorsmen, survivalists, explorers, and the most combat-apt Adventurer class.
- Rogue: The stealthy, shady vagabonds often getting up to trouble and constantly getting into places they shouldn't be. Not assassins!
- Treasure Hunter: Like it says on the tin. Particular experts with locks and traps.
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Re: Ability Ideas

Post by Wish » Sat Aug 31, 2019 2:20 pm

I'm likely going bard at some point. I look at them as support characters that are fierce in their own way and meant for heavy RP.

Some ideas:
a performance idea that boosts their abilities- such as a quick juggling burst that maybe helps focus them on hurling for a while. Looks fancy schmancy and has a function!

(possibly)- mimic. Maybe have a long cooldown, but allow them to mimic specific other class abilities. Not all of them- and only for a really short burst. Such as berserking. However.. this would have to be carefully considered to avoid abuse or being OP.

I need to think on more.

Edit: I am thinking of mimic as in, mimicking an ability someone else in your party just used. It would be super short and with a long cool-down.

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