A colourful solution!

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A colourful solution!

Post by Xandrea » Thu Aug 29, 2019 8:13 am

There was a good span of talking about adding new colours and such. We could spend weeks adding new colours and there would still be one to gripe about adding. So I propose.

Make a system that allows one to pick their colour or combination of colours! Just like a title there can be pre-programmed Prefixes but, the suffix should always be a colour!

Example- Blue. Blue's got alotta hues but, the prefixes!
  • Slate
These are all variations that apply to blue but, some of these could be used differently. For example Pearly-Blue (Pearly coming from the white category)
So making up an aura-selection system that works similarly to how CLOK's title handles it and I think we could have some cool colour combinations that otherwise wouldn't be there.
Sure this does mean that some weird ones could happen Sunset-Black for example but, in that same breath I could see certain weird ones really working out! Examples below!
  • Thornberry-Magenta
I could really go on about the weird combinations of colours this may introduce but, just as many cooler combinations could come out than ones that are just plain hard to imagine. And if people STILL aren't satisfied with their 100 degrees of colourful separation slap a request verb. [Aura request Lavender-Raspberry] and then a DM could (I think) easily put a Yes or No and give an OOC feedback "Your colour was not deemed imaginable, try another."

I'd love to hear some thoughts about this bit.

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