Construction Experience, Skill, and Roundtime

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Construction Experience, Skill, and Roundtime

Post by Irylia » Sat Aug 24, 2019 7:46 am

I'm wondering if it would be possible to change how experience, practice, and roundtime is applied for constructed items. These suggestions all go together and might be an all or nothing type package deal, but any consideration or insight is greatly appreciated.

It seems currently that very little experience is given and there is a flat 2 minute timer for building anything. I think it might be a positive change if the construction timer was altered from a flat chunk to shorter rounds and multiple steps dependent on the size of the project, number of components, or both. This would be similar to the crafting method used for other areas like tailoring or woodworking. It would be helpful for builders so if they had to stop mid-project they could and then return to it later.

As for the experience, I understand that a lot of the gain is from the manufacture of components, but not every builder is going to make all of their components - or potentially even any of them. Switching the actual construction method as described previously (with more steps/rounds) would make it so you could give more experience over time. Even if the roundtime is kept a flat 2 minute chunk with no variance, I feel a significantly larger amount of experience for the effort might be due. Currently it seems to only give about 1% of bucket and this may eventually be the primary method of gain for some players.

Finally, I was curious if the practice amount could be reviewed and perhaps altered depending on the project. Raising the skill tends to be very slow given the time spent first on making the parts (if you go that route), and then in the actual assembly. It would be nice to see the amount of practice bumped based on project size/parts to be in-line with the previously mentioned tweaks.

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Re: Construction Experience, Skill, and Roundtime

Post by Rias » Thu Aug 29, 2019 9:21 am

Construction is in a pretty rushed and basic form at the moment. The hope is to end up with starting by building a construction "site" or "project", then having repeating small slices of roundtime (including associated experience and practice points) that can be stopped and returned to at the builder's leisure like with other crafting processes.

(Added a nagger to my to-do list for this.)
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