Travelling merchants

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Travelling merchants

Post by Wish » Tue Aug 20, 2019 4:08 pm

So, the idea is this.

It's a port, so traders come and leave. What if there were a few merchants/traders that come only one day a week and possibly have a favorite place to 'hang out''? People can discover them by looking at them and noticing they have stuff to sell. On top of that, being moving merchants, perhaps they can have a catalog that they randomly choose a set number (8 or 10?) items from to sell that day, which a modest amount of stock.

To illustrate: Say there's Hergr the Giganti, who comes with various brews he has stacked on his ginormous body. He usually wedges himself into a teeny tiny chair that looks like it's on the verge of breaking. Maybe he only comes on.. Citisday (if the calendar is the same).

Anyway, idea. :)

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Re: Travelling merchants

Post by Rias » Tue Aug 20, 2019 4:12 pm

I like it! A good way to add some variety to available wares without making them 100% common, as well as adding more feeling and life to the town.

And I'm totally making some of them snooty, so they only deal with people that speak their language (in other words - have a high enough Trading skill).
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