`terlu` (Muffle) glyph

The usage of arcane glyphs and diagrams to power a wide variety of occult rituals.
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`terlu` (Muffle) glyph

Post by Rias » Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:43 pm

The `terlu` (muffle) glyph is now available through ability training to all Scholars, all Adventurers, and the Nightblade class of Warrior.

The "muffle" effect increases stealth and artifice, and grants the Silent Walking effect (a chance to arrive in a room unnoticed even when not stealthed), but can interfere with the speech of those affected. Affinity for Sonourgy will increase the duration and lower the chance for speech interference.
An assistant introduces a lanky brooding-eyed woman with tan skin to you as Karen and assigns you to treat her wounds.
>tend karen
You try to tend to Karen, but she is too hysterical to accept treatment!

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