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Say your prayers!

Post by Rias » Mon Jul 01, 2019 12:36 pm

It is now possible to use the PRAY command in order to recite a prayer out loud. Like the RECITE and SING commands, the caret symbol (^) can be used to split a prayer into multiple lines.

Those seeking to commune with the Immortals should be reminded of the common consensus among the various clergy that most - if not all - Immortals are not considered omniscient, and are therefore not guaranteed to hear prayers, let alone answer them. That said, chances of being heard are thought to improve if one offers up prayers in a location sacred or otherwise attuned to the Immortal in question. It's also said that putting effort into invocation rites beforehand can help.

Still, though. Being heard by an Immortal, let alone getting a response from one, should not be expected. This is primarily an RP tool.
An assistant introduces a lanky brooding-eyed woman with tan skin to you as Karen and assigns you to treat her wounds.
>tend karen
You try to tend to Karen, but she is too hysterical to accept treatment!

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