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Command to arrange one or two items in the environment

Posted: Fri Jun 02, 2023 4:00 am
by Vivalas
This is one I've thought of for a while. I like using the rituals command while hunting to kinda roleplay my inner animist, and want to get into druid stuff as well, but one it would be cool if other players could stumble upon the "aftermath" of your rituals and such.

My suggestion is either as an optional flag to the rituals command or with a separate command that I can't think of a good name for, you can set up a couple items as part of the ritual with a custom description. Like perhaps "elk skull" is hung from the branches of a nearby tree, or such. Maybe some additional mechanics later on could be added to so you can do spooky things like draw runes in blood and charcoal and stuff. This would be limited to prevent it used for storing items, and of courses, people who stumble upon it can always just take it down to get the items.

If this is integrated into mechanics for druids as well it could enable some "soft" roleplay with other players, wherein they find the aftermath of your rituals and get a bit spooked out. Perhaps really powerful druids could even have these rituals have small fluff effects or minor emotes that fire on a certain interaction, like "upon looking closely at the skull, the forest darkens around you briefly". I had this happen to me organically once after wandering deep into a forest and finding a bunch of random pots with stuff growing out of them scattered around a campfire.

If nothing else but to spook out the superstitious Shadgard residents, but also because I loved the druidic magic element of games like Unreal World, where rituals have minor effects on the world, like hanging a bear head on a tree as an offering and getting a small buff from it, etc. This is purely a roleplay suggestion, but it could open up more druid mechanics as well.