Tonight's party

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Tonight's party

Post by Taliaferro »

Thank you so much to everyone who turned up to the little party in Shadgard, tonight. It was nominally my character's, but neither he nor I lifted a finger nor put in the slightest bit of effort in the way of planning it, (as usual, if not always) and I was content to postpone it indefinitely. So thank you, especially, to everyone who did the work! You know who you are!

Thank you, also,to Rias, and any other staff members who helped on the staff side of things. The tent itself is lovely, and the band and the mechanics for the band are just amazing. We could have had a party at the inn or wherever, but the atmosphere and amenities of the pavilion transformed the event into something entirely different, and better. We could not be more grateful.
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Re: Tonight's party

Post by Prism »

I just wanted to chime in and say that I had a great time with the bits that I spent there-- Thanks to everyone who helped it be such a fun experience!

You all are great, as always, and it was a blast from the past to take a gander at that particular locale. I'm glad I got to be here for it.

High hopes for more like this in coming days!
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Re: Tonight's party

Post by Frisbee »

Yep, thanks for all your hard work, to all players and staff memvers involved.
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