New Arcane Pendants

The usage of arcane glyphs and diagrams to power a wide variety of occult rituals.
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New Arcane Pendants

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Something what I always found amusing was that if I wanted to draw a beneficial Arcane Glyph on the ground people freak the heck out. But to have a giant freaking Arcane Crystal upstairs in the Town Hall and Arcane necklaces all over the place is considered normal. Shadgardians are weird.

Anyway, since they seem to like Arcane Pendants more than Glyphs, I had a thought after reading some of the Discord comments today. What if there was a Glyph that modified the pendants into new Pendants! People like pendants.

The thought:

Pendants currently drain over time as they're worn to provide ESP access. What if, we had a Glyph which when activated, and holding a gray crystal pendant in your right hand would convert it into a Swirling Crystal Pendant of Memories. This would convert all of your experience bucket into a charge for the pendant, maybe on a 2:1 basis, because .. heat loss?

Then the pendant can be used to store excess Buffer for those times when you're RPing around town and find your buffer is empty.

Maybe limit it just 1? Not sure if "Lore Items" are a thing?
Def tie it so only the character that had charged the pendant can drain the pendant. That way we don't create an Experience black market. Do maybe you want that, I don't know!

Just a thought!
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