The First Pilgrimage of Ommin-Di of 1223

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The First Pilgrimage of Ommin-Di of 1223

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Hello! This post is written in conjecture with posts that have gone up in both Shadgard and Mistral Lake on the town boards. I'll be organizing a pilgrimage to Ommin-Di IC, and wanted to make sure folks were aware!

Official date and time is, as of this post, To Be Determined (primarily around interest), but you can assume the following: The IC event will either be on a Friday (no earlier than Friday 13th) after 6pm game time (MST), or it will be on a Saturday or Sunday between 11am MST and 10am MST (game time). I'll be selecting a day and time that covers the most amount of interested persons, that also meets the aforementioned criteria.

If you're interested in getting involved with the event on an organizational level, feel free to shoot me a tell whenever I'm logged on (account name: Lexx), or write to Mack per the instructions on the town board posts!
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