Octum Masquerade Brainstorming

Events run by players - no GMs necessary!
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Octum Masquerade Brainstorming

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Hi folks. The idea was floated in Casual Voicechat to run a masquerade dance when Octum rolls around in-game. I think it's a great idea and I'm planning to run/help organise it. These are all my notes so far and I'd love to hear back from you all with ideas, suggestions, and critiques.

1. The only requirements to enter are: be Masked and costumed, have nothing on your back or shoulder slots. Belts and knife sheathes are the only worn containers allowed.

2. It will be unsafe. There will be no guards and no vetting beforehand. Everyone will be allowed, as long as they meet the requirements in the 1st point.

3. Do we want an MC to run some kinds of events? e.g. "Okay now everyone has to dance with someone you've not danced with or met." "Now tell your Dance Partner a secret"

4. Those attending are strongly encouraged to form a particular character with their costume. Perhaps someone they've met in-game or a character from the game's lore.
However even costumes that are a pastiche of someone they've met would, ideally, be a caricature rather than an accurate representation.

5. Ideally there will be a separate room to sit down in and eat. The dance floor/room will be just for chatting and dancing and such.

6. Where would we try and host it? If we host it outside of a town then there would be no NPC attendance. It could be fun to invade the streets of New Emberlight and just rampage through the town as a bunch of masked monsters and such.

7. Which brings me into my next point, how would we handle the music? We don't need something super complex or anything, and we wouldn't need them to emote a ton, but we would at least need a drummer or some other musician to be there keep time for the dancers and give a form and shape to each dance.
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