Socketed Jewelry for Foci

The usage of arcane glyphs and diagrams to power a wide variety of occult rituals.
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Socketed Jewelry for Foci

Post by Dennis »

I would like to request wearable foci for arcanists, that might act like the ESP pendant in which you can place a new glyphstone into the housing as it breaks. This could be rings, pendants, necklaces, crowns, or other such jewelry.

I like glyphstones a lot. However, casting three-element weaves can be frustrating seeing that I don't have three hands for holding all my foci. This causes a lot of input as I stop everything I'm doing and fiddle with what's in my HANDS. While retrieving glyphstones are automatic, stowing them is not, and I must manually stow a glyphstone in order to get a third element glyphstone in the midst of combat. This can be difficult.

Having access to my channels without juggling hand contents would be a really good quality of life increase.

Also, can you make casting channels eligible for the AIM SHOT command, seeing that it is difficult to have a vacant hand to pull out a throwing weapon for the command?
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Re: Socketed Jewelry for Foci

Post by Spidercat »

This might give an excuse to bring back staves and wands. Rather than having any form of elemental properties themselves, they could be used to socket gems inside. And they can grant something to aim with.

Socket 2 gems onto a wand and 3 on a staff? And give the wand/staff a command to start channeling the socketed focuses one after the other.
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