The Creation of the Knights PUMPLAR!

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The Creation of the Knights PUMPLAR!

Post by Bonehead »

The following message can be found scrawled on the Shadgard Town Board, and on napkins left in various bars throughout the Lost Lands. (Except the Shattered Pumpkin)

*The success of the last night's PUMPKIN CRUSADE was greater then I figured! The servants of the Wraith revealed themselves, working to halt the Crusade in it's infancy. Through faith and fury we sent the Wraith's minions back into the Darkness! Still, efforts must not stop simply because the Octum season passes. To that end, I am announcing the creation of the KNIGHTS PUMPLAR! A Group of Men and Woman dedicated to serving the Pumpkin King and his mission to protect the Lost Souls of the Land, as well as fighting against the Wraith and their servants who would bring harm to us all! Those brave souls who would seek to join the cause of the PUMPKIN KING need only seek out HIGH PUMPLAR KNOX, my aura being pumpkin-orange, or send a letter to mailbox #2541. Blessings of the Pumpkin King upon you all! - Knox.*

(Had a good deal of fun running around causing shenanigans, and figured it might be a good idea to do more of that! Everyone with an obsession with Pumpkins, slaying Nethrim, or a desire to engage in general shenaniganism in spooky areas is welcome to join!)
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Re: The Creation of the Knights PUMPLAR!

Post by artus »

I'm looking forward to that. Tbh I'm kinda disappointed for not being able to join myself. Got costume ready only to be physically screwed ooc in the last hour. Until next time, heh. Keep the fun coming.
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Re: The Creation of the Knights PUMPLAR!

Post by Frisbee »

I cannot stop chuckling at the name, I think it is very clever.

Also, interacting with Knox has been delightfully refreshing, during a rather gloomy time for my PC, so thanks for enthusiastically stepping in to take care of those baddies.

Best of luck with continuing to run that!
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Re: The Creation of the Knights PUMPLAR!

Post by Rias »

If this is going to go on beyond some seasonal Octum hijinx, I'll request that you come up with a more unique name for your Company. I'd rather not have spoofs of organizations that already exist in the game and the potential confusion or competitive spirit or feelings of mockery that spoofing their names can cause (even if completely unintended). Especially in this case, as the original organization has just recently resurfaced and is trying to get back on its feet after some troubled times.
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