Begun, the Pumpkin Wars have ...

Events run by players - no GMs necessary!
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Begun, the Pumpkin Wars have ...

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You can find the following posted on the Shadgard Message board. It reads as follows :

"Hail fellow Shadgardamites! It is I, HIGH PUMPLAR KNOX! The Lost Lands are covered in darkness and spooky stuff, and I have decided it is time to remind the things that go bump in the night why they fear the Pumpkin King! So, I am declaring a PUMPKIN CRUSADE tomorrow evening, around 9 bells post-zenith! The target of our Gourdy War shall be that spooky trail, graveyard swamp place just northeast of town! Be sure to wear your Scarecrow costumes OR your Pumpkin masks! Otherwise how would it be a PUMPKIN CRUSADE?! Remember, TOMMOROW OCTUM 28th at 9 bells post-zenith! Your in the faith, High Pumplar Knox"

Swing on by if you have time. Punch some Nethrim. Have a good time!
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Re: Begun, the Pumpkin Wars have ...

Post by Gorth »

This is super fun and spontaneous. I'll probably be around, just for the amusement.
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