Potential Fix: Rapier / Longsword / Cutlass

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Re: Potential Fix: Rapier / Longsword / Cutlass

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It depends how you quantify such things. I would be more inclined to give a longsword a higher parry chance, not substantially more mind you, because of it's length, weight and size.
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Re: Potential Fix: Rapier / Longsword / Cutlass

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Pendulum wrote: Wed Oct 25, 2023 7:50 pm
Karjus wrote: Wed Oct 25, 2023 3:33 am
2) Individual weapon parry modifiers are intended, and across the board. This might not necessarily effect longsword vs rapier, but an argument could be made for the former being better at the act than the later.
Nope. Rapier is going to be noticeably better at parry than longsword, at the very least in blade vs. blade comat. If we had such a manoever as riposte, the rapier would excel at the parry + riposte combo.

Our humble mechanics don't address it, but if the weight of the incoming weapon were a factor, the more substantial blade of the longsword would be better at turning away a heavier weapon, such as an incoming mace or handaxe, and less likely to break while doing so.
Your second paragraph is exactly why I mentioned it. You're not going out there fighting purely blade on blade, or even blades of similar weight category. A lot of the time, not even one on one.
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