Pumpkin King relations

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Pumpkin King relations

Post by Bonehead »

So, the Pumpkin King's domain is said to be Lost souls unable to pass on. Just off of what I can read, that seems to overlap with some other deities and what they do. It is said Aphraen finds Lost souls and leads them to Undm for Judgement. It's said that if Undm judges you poorly you stay on earth, and have a high chance of becoming a Nethrim. We also got Yru finding Lost/Trapped souls and either giving them (Undead) bodies or devouring them!

So, it seems like a lot of Immortals want SOULS! What do they think of the enigmatic Pumpkin King and his followers? Allies? Enemies? WE NEED TO KNOW!
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Re: Pumpkin King relations

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The Pumpkin King's the one I'd trust my soul with. I'm not ready to be judged yet, but I'm not interested in becoming a shambling ghoul either. I imagine the Pumpkin King and his host of lost souls that he's taken in throwing some great shindigs while they wile away time caught in Lost Lands limbo, like how the the Giganti do in Ven-Helligdom. And the Pumpkin King shows a vested interest in helping lost souls by taking them in, and opposing the Octum Wraith and all that, instead of being some distant and detached deity. Pumpkin King is a People's King.
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