Tales of Tanglewood

Areas full of hostile baddies just itching for a fight, and ready for you to practice combat against.
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Tales of Tanglewood

Post by Rias »

As more representatives of Tse Gaiyan have begun showing up in the Central Lost Lands, word has spread of heavy infestation in a location known as Tanglewood. The location is only a few leagues northeast of Valdarr near the mountains, and was once a large-scale logging camp. Its denizens are noted to be highly dangerous, and while Tse Gaiyan welcomes any aid against the resen-infestation they warn that only the most skilled of fighters should consider venturing into the area.


The Tanglewood areas are now open! Those familiar with the areas from their previous incarnation will be able to enjoy a little nostalgia while those who have never seen it before are encouraged to have a look around ... provided they are capable of dealing with combat zones in the 600 to 660 skill range. The mobs should absolutely be considered dangerous due to their skill levels and having some decent attacks and abilities, but still manageable for those of like skill without necessarily requiring a group (though grouping is always better!).

The main reason this area with this skill range was released at this time is so that characters who are near or at combat skill cap can have a place to go and find decent skill-challenge opponents, and that in turn being in preparation for some upcoming tweaking of loot luck and skillgains to be more based around a narrower challenge range. The fact that we had people capping on mobs that were more than 100 below their skill or before we even had any skill-cap-range mobs has always made me sad.

Feedback is appreciated, as always! I didn't want the mobs to be especially deadly so that people can go in and solo them with care, but I also don't want them to be pushovers. I've been told the mobs I make tend to lean toward the wimpy side - maybe I did so again, or maybe I overcompensated and made them too tough (doubtful)? Let me know so I can make any adjustments necessary to have them fill their intended role!

P.S. The above little blurb about Tse Gaiyan spreading information about Tanglewood is indeed canon and IC, so feel free to use that as the IC excuse for your character venturing out and discovering the location of the area at this time.
P.P.S. There are some scavenging spots out there too!
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Re: Tales of Tanglewood

Post by Volinn »

I absolutely love this place - thank you. Great enemy variety, and I appreciate the general atmosphere and theme.
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Re: Tales of Tanglewood

Post by Karjus »

In regards to having a mixture of difficulties when it comes to skill level ranks and such, one of the lower tiers in Tanglewood seems like a missed opportunity. One of the mobs offers no riln reward and just skill/XP without being very difficult for its skill range, while the other is probably a huge nightmare for a lot of people.

It should probably lean one way or the other just to help offer more of a variety of an experience to players.
- Karjus

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