Ascetic Path Non-Combat Suggestions

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Ascetic Path Non-Combat Suggestions

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As someone who has been playing a non-combat Ascetic who focuses on healing and compassion a.k.a. a monk. Could I perhaps leave an idea or two to aid in this role?

I understand that monks in COGG are meant to be different versus what they were in CLOK and that the super duper heal batteries of old should no longer be a thing however may I suggest something that would still play on the theme of magical healer without being too ostentatious.

How about the ability to once again channel thaumaturgy but with some major changes:
- It is no longer a skill that can be raised but rather a single ability.
- When channeled it drains your energy.
- When directed at nethrim it can have some sort of negative effect, such as making them off balance or increasing their risk.
- When used with a regular bandage, that bandage can be used as if an unguent but the compassion needed to do this renders the user unable to engage in combat for a time. Also the more intense the wound, the more the energy drain.

Thoughts, suggestions welcome!
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