A First Step

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A First Step

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In the dark of night, at the entrance of Two Falls Mine:

Amidst their comrades scattering off in various directions, two men remain over the corpses of the fallen. One man - a braid hanging down from the back of his steel sallet - withdraws a rolled-up proclamation from a pouch with one hand and an iron dagger from its sheath with the other. He presses the written document to the mine's entrance and thrusts the dagger through it to, leaving it to hang.

The proclamation reads:

TO all who shall see these Presents, GREETING.

In Behalf of all the free & independent Peoples of these Lost Lands, it hath been ordain'd & stablish'd that this Mine, viz. Two Falls, shall henceforward be the Property of none, but a Resource for all, to be us'd for the Common Weal of the People of antient Aetgard, without Let or Hindrance, be they of Mistveil-Dominion, or of Shadgard, or any other State, Polity, or Alliance which shall have stablish'd itself in these said Lost Lands from this Day. Nor shall any be denied the Use of this the said Mine of Two Falls, be he Inhabitant of these said Lost Lands, or Stranger.

Done this 19. Day of Sept. in the Year 1223.

The other man, burly and trademark-battered, trots his battle-worn sorrel charger to approach. He leans in to read, responding only with a curt nod before turning southward and heading off. Left alone now, the former looks up to face the starry heavens with a burdensome sigh; the only sound left to be heard.
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