The Afterlife

Discussion of religion and the Immortals.
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The Afterlife

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I debated between putting this here or in Culture. I went with here.

A while back I asked about the afterlife in the COGG-verse. What happens after people die and whether different cultures have different ideas as to what that is.

I think Rias mentioned taking a raincheck on it and recommending I post on the BBS so he has time to think about it.

I never did. Until now! People were asking about replacements for heaven/hell on #question and it reminded me that I needed to post this.

Even if we're Undying, this is important info!
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Re: The Afterlife

Post by tulpa »

There's also a question from Lexx that I don't think received an answer about other worlds/planes in general. I thought it was phrased in an interesting way so I'll link it here again:

I know Temicotli is held to be the *Way* of Dreams that links between worlds. It's fine if those worlds are left intentionally vague or nameless, but I'd love to know more about Huecatn astronomy/astrology, if there's anything to be gleaned! Just a few secrets of the universe will suffice, I'm not being picky.

More relevant to this thread, it would be interesting to learn a bit more about the Hungering Night and the role it plays in the worship of deities/spirits other than Yru.
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