Unto the Worshipful Mayor of Shadgard.

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Unto the Worshipful Mayor of Shadgard.

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May 23. At Shadgard.
Unto Cadenza Castelli the Rt. Wpful Mayor of Shadgard,


NOT LONG AGO I ago promis'd one of yr Wps's esteem'd Councillors never again to bother or trouble yr Office with a Letter again, for Reasons I reckon rather beneath yr Touch. I hope that yr Wsp will not think it ill of me to forswear myself in writing these Presents.

I am a Gentleman resident of Shadgard, of no Repute. As yr Wsp well knows, my Chamberlain Pigeon begged yr Leave to open up the Tent on W. Row, in Consequence of a little Assembly (and a very little Assembly it will be) this Lightsday, to honour our Town's Militia & those who stand against her Oppugners.

I had no Thing to do with this Petition, but I cannot sufficiently discover to yr Wsp my Gratitude for yr kind Acquiesence.

A general Invitation will be put out, to-Morrow. I hope you will allow me the Honour of inviting Yr Wrship personally, by these very Presents.

I am, very respy,
Your Right Worship's Svt,


(Sealed in vermillion wax with the image of a demi-horse rampant)

(The handwriting changes here.)

(A small, simple charcoal sketch of periwigged man crouching down to pet a black cat takes up the bottom right corner of the page.)
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